_ 100% ultra fine cashmere. 120 count. woven on the power-loom

_ designed by me, tina

_ adopting either the dip dye or the tie dye process, each shawl is carefully hand-dyed, one at a time, by the kaistha family, so no two are ever alike

_ 200 x 70 cm

_ dry clean is best but you can also hand wash your shawl in cold water with a mild detergent (i use baby shampoo)

_ lightweight, divinely soft, diamond-weave cashmere from kashmir, india

_ like us, moth's have great taste and adore cashmere. lavender bags work wonders at keeping the bastards at bay

_ please note that each piece is individually created and some natural irregularities might occur. to see how each T* shawl is made, check out the T* workshop page

_ every shawl is UN1QUE. 1 OFF. L1KE YOU. 



_source  all of the reindeer pelts i source come from indigenous sami reindeer herder, benny johnson, who comes from lapland, northern sweden. he has practiced reindeer husbandry all of his life and is now based in idre, sweden. i tend to visit his world of wonder once a year which is WONDERFUL! (think narnia)

_a day in the life of one of benny's reindeer.  s/he had a lovely free-range life roaming the nordic wild pastures, foraging on delicious leaves, grasses, seeds, moss, the odd lemming (yup they exist- a kind of artic rodent!) and in late summer, magic mushrooms…yes really! come winter, s/he spent most evenings admiring the northern lights.

_history  T* reindeer have been herded and revered for centuries by the indigenous sami people and this magical creature remains their primarily livelihood. they are raised for their meat, hides, antlers and milk. nothing is wasted.

_care  decoratively, this pelt can be admired almost anywhere inside: on a wall, chair, chest, sofa, by the bed or as a bed headboard. their hollow hairs also mean they are incredibly warm so they double up as a lovely blanket. Take care not to trample on them frequently if you want them to look pristine. it should also be noted that they shouldn’t venture outdoors as they don’t like to get wet. nor do they like being exposed to high temperatures, so next to a radiator or fireplace is a no no, since extreme warmth will lead them to shed. as with all natural fur pile goods some hair loss from this pelt is normal.

_T* tip  in order to preserve your new friend ALWAYS use a fine meshed non-slip mat under the pelt to enable air to circulate. remove the pelt from time to time for ‘drying’. otherwise, due to the pelt’s extremely efficient insulation, condensation may form underneath it, causing hair loss. i’d also recommend taking them outside one day a month for a good shake and airing.

_random reindeer fact for the road  one possible reason reindeer are associated with flight is the love reindeer have for hallucinogenic mushrooms. the drugs survive passage through the reindeer and into the urine, so many herders drink deer urine to get high! it wouldn’t be too farfetched for someone under the influence to believe they saw a reindeer actually fly!

YOUR REINDEER IS NOT JUST FOR XMAS, if you love and take care of him, you will enjoy many joyous years together
— tina sparkle